Monthly Archive:: June 2012

Want to install and back up your android apps via pc

Backing up a device is nothing but making a safe store for all your needs which can be restored when you need them. In most of the mobile operating system this has been made as an option which can be enhanced by user while resetting their device. There are many apps to install/back up your data

Forgot lock pattern in your android device?

Frequently changing the lock pattern in your Android device. It may really turn out to be a problem as trying too many times a forgotten lock pattern can make the device turn into a permanent lock. Sometimes the device suggests you to wait for a while and try the pattern again. But nothing to worry

Want to format a Write protected pen drive?

Is your computer prompting ‘Write Protected’ when your trying  to format your pen drive. Here comes the cool trick to format easily- 1.Download this application here. 2.Install the application in your PC. 3.Open the application and select the drive to fix the problem eg-If the  Removable disk F has the problem choose accordingly. 4.Then click

Having a problem with obtaining IP address in your Android device?

WI-Fi is one thing which really  helps most of the people connecting to an internet in a limited area. WI-Fi ‘s are mostly used around in companies, house. If you have an Android device then you may have a problem with your WI-Fi connection. Normal WI-fi problem arises due to : Problem service provider Router signal problems Device

How to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to your T.V?

Want 2 watch movies on big screen connecting through your mobile here comes a little trick . Steps– medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ‘250’; medianet_crid=’404078184′; 1.Buy  S3 HDTV adapter cable  [Note -3rd party MHL adapter will not work with this.]                             2.Just connect the adapter cable

How to expand the width of your blog?

Today i am going to Explain how to expand the width in your blogger blog. 1.Go and login with your account 2. In dashboard go to Edit template. Outer wrapper expands the width of whole blog- 1.Hit ‘ctrl+f ‘  and find   #outer-wrapper Beside you see a option called width normally it will be 950 ,if

Want to install non-market apps in your android device?

Mostly you would love to install apps and run games on your Android device. Most of the are pocketed through the app store. But if you love to download apps and install the apps which are not available in the market make sure to follow the steps which are listed below. Suggestion: Make sure to install