Screwed up? Laptop not turning on? Blank screen?

Last night i turned off my laptop and the next morning when i tried to turn it on….nothing seems to be coming on my screen.It really seemed to be dead.

I tried various methods

laptop and pc

  • Removing battery and replacing.
  • Turning on laptop only through power adapter.
  • Replacing RAM

Finally i got a solution to my problem.It went like this normally laptops hold some static power in the circuit.
To drain the power out from laptop one need to try the below method.
1. Unplug AC adapter from your laptop charging slot and then remove  battery carefully. 
2. Press and hold the power button.[Hold it on for 90 seconds]
3. Replace your battery again into your laptop.
4. Turn on the laptop by pressing the power.
That’s it ! It works like a charm! If you like the post please share it!

Note– Make sure you have some charging left in your battery.

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