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Awesome Android devices available in market?

In today’s mobile market smartphones are considered to be only of two types – its either a Apple iPhone or an Android. There’s not much to say about the iPhone – for Apple fanatics it is the best mobile device made till date and for others it’s just an overpriced mobile stuffed with a lot

How to reset a frozen HTC explorer?

Basically HTc explorer is a low end device which has a freezing problem while running a large app as it can’t hold virtual memory in its low RAM space .Normally  HTC explorer runs out of internal memory and is low on Processor . So if you install a whole lot of apps and games  then

Samsung Galaxy note 3 speculations and release date?

With the best results around the world market  from Samsung galaxy note and note 2 the company is thinking to release its succeeding  mammoth called Note 3 which is already most anticipated phablet in everyone’s mind. All the Gadget enthusiasts around the world are really waiting  to get lot more happening information about this device.[Updates could be known in mobile congress

How to copy a large file into a pen drive/external disk ?

Got stuck ?Getting confused? feels annoyed knowing the fact you can’t transfer a file from your PC to an external drive? then check this out folks! While transferring a single file which consists of 4 GB or more can’t be copied into an external hard disk which has space.why so? Error message : You find a similar

How to remove write protection of USB pen drive?

Few times while using pen drive in a computer, files cannot be deleted or copied. This happens because few operating systems are enabled with write protection. To resolve the above problem there are few methods which works with your pen drive. Procedure I Go to Start Menu. Then go to RUN and type regedit and

How to connect HTC one S and one X to a HDTV?

Wanna see the world on your big screen then here we go.                                  image source-Google Why to connect your device with a TV? -Gaming -Play photos and videos -Surf internet. Requirements: HTC one X or HTC one S Standard HDMI

How to connect your Samung Galaxy Note 2 to a HDTV?

Before the procedure is charted down lets us know why we need to connect our smartphone with television? Answer: -Play HD games on your Smart t.v. -Watch Movies. -Surf internet on large display and much more. MHL or HDMI adapter for Samung s3 and Samsung note 2: Requirements– medianet_width=’300′; medianet_height= ‘250’; medianet_crid=’404078184′; Samsung Note 2