How to reset a frozen HTC explorer?

Basically HTc explorer is a low end device which has a freezing problem while running a large app as it can’t hold virtual memory in its low RAM space .Normally  HTC explorer runs out of internal memory and is low on
Processor . So if you install a whole lot of apps and games  then  this phone will really stick a bit.
TipMake sure your internal memory is free. Try installing Apps2sd application from the market.
To solve the problem there are two tricks –
1. Soft reset[Nothing but rebooting your device]
2. Hard reset/Factory reset
-From Home screen. [After turning on]
-From start up.

Note– Doing Hard reset your data,apps and games will deleted .So make sure you back up all your stuff.

From Home screen

htc explorer reset

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap SD and Phone storage ->Then select factory reset
  • Select Reset phone and later choose to erase everything from

From start up  [This mode is useful for phones which don’t
turn on]
  • Remove and replace the battery [To clear all static energy
    Left in circuit]
  • Press and hold volume down button [-] and  Power button simultaneously.
  • After seeing an android logo on the screen release the
    Finger from volume down button.
  • Later press volume down button to choose Factory reset and
    Then press power button to start the process.
The process takes around  two minutes to reboot your device.
That’s it ! Have fun:)
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