Run Android apps easily in your PC?

Don’t have an Android device? Dying to play android games?
Here comes an emulator which helps you installing android apps in Windows 7,8 and Mac operating systems. First of still this application is in beta version  and it really takes a good time to run but the thing is after getting started there is no look back. It can run more than N number of apps and games. But please don’t expect sensors games cause your computer is not equipped with all those :) cool ! Let’s learn how to execute this.Different appstores helps you find each and every app with ease.You gotta sign up for all the app stores to make the most it.

This work as a gem on windows 7, window 8, Mac OSx .So nothing to worry.

How to?

Video Demonstration

  1. Go to your native browser and enter URL-
  2. Later you find download options in the bottom line.[Choose between Mac and Windows]
  3. Then install the application which takes around 5-10 minutes to get processed.
  4. Then on your desktop you find an app called Bluestacks.
  5. Open the application and search for your favorite games and install them. Eg-Angrybirds space.

That’s it have fun with android apps on your PC.

-Requires a graphic card in your PC. Without Graphic card detection the installation cannot be completed.
-Doesn’t Work with Win XP.

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