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HOw to : Fix ‘Out of Space’ error in Android devices

Using low end android devices? You many have low RAM which would 256MB.That could result in out of space error which is quite common. Either I have a low end android which had a problem in this way. Last night I was trying to download app [23MB] from the market suddenly a pop up arose onto the

How to boost your computer’s speed using a flash drive?

Computers are trendified into many types and are made available to the user with different variants. Pricing has been always dependent on its processor speed and technology. No person can go on buying the advanced computer which gets released day after the other so, if you are such a person having an old PC then its

HOw to : Take a screenshot in Android 4.2.1,4.0?

Screenshot has been a great added feature in Smartphones these days. This enables users to have their screen shots taken in their devices by just a word go. It’s quite simple and takes no software to be installed as it comes directly within the operating system of your device. Love the screen stuff, important web related text,