How to boost your computer’s speed using a flash drive?

Computers are trendified into many types and are made available to the user with different variants. Pricing has been always dependent on its processor speed and technology. No person can go on buying the advanced computer which gets released day after the other so, if you are such a person having an old PC then its for you. Make sure to utilize the tweak on your PC or Laptop.

 Is your computer’s performance low and is lagging behind?
-There is nothing wrong to boost up your PC speed.

boost your pc

We got a  little trick so that it can solve your problem to a little extent. Basically this trick works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Mostly suitable for the computers which are on low RAM.
Helps while running hi-end games, programs etc.

[Windows 7,8]

  1. My computer—-Removable disk.
  2. Right Click  Removable disk and  click on Properties.
  3. Navigate till you find ready boost to option.After finding it click on ready to boost.
  4. Set the amount of memory you want to use as.

That’s it! Enable the feature and dive high:)

There are either few trick coming ahead which could be used either on win XP.Not many are currently on XP,still we wanna give tips to those few people:)
Feel free to comment below if you come across any problem.

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