HOw to : Fix ‘Out of Space’ error in Android devices

Using low end android devices? You many have low RAM which would 256MB.That could result in out of space error which is quite common. Either I have a low end android which had a problem in this way.

Last night I was trying to download app [23MB] from the market suddenly a pop up arose onto the screen saying ‘out of space‘. Within no time, I went into check my free space which is about 230mb.Finally I got to understand its my device system error.

Error:out of space phones

If you’re undergoing with the same problem, follow the instructions listed below.


  • The android device must be rooted.
  • Root Explorer and lucky patcher must be installed


  1. Open the application called root explorer from app drawer.
  2. Go to the option called data/app
  3. Delete all files that have the odex extension (. index)
  4. After deleting the files make sure to reboot your device[off and on]
Suggestions for low RAM:
  1. Never run many apps which results in your phone getting frozen.
  2. Use Mutlitasking effectively.
  3. Always clear cache in application which will really help you.
That’s it !Have fun! Android Freaks:) 
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