HOw to:Fix Google Play Store error code ‘RPC’ in tablets running ICS

Using Google Store won’t really come up  with a problem. But sometimes there are few glictchs  which come across while surfing the market. It may be due to some network issue or Operating issue. First of all make sure your device is connected to data package then if the problem still sticks to it then it may be an issue to think of.

 A few days earlier, I was trying to download apps from Google store but suddenly the apps got stuck stating a unique error which didn’t allow me to move further. After quite a while I sorted out the error and adjusted my device settings.


If you’re having the same problem as mentioned please follow the steps below.


1) From menu screen ,Go to settings.

2) In the settings option navigate down till you Device section. 

3)Later select APPS option which will be on the other side .

4) In the Tab list click “ALL” option.

5) Navigate down  and find “Google Services Framework” then click it.

6) On the same page click “Force Stop” continued by clicking “Clear Data” option.

7) Reboot your device once.

That’s it. Then Open play store ,You can start downloading the stuff.

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