Monthly Archive:: June 2013

How to confirm Android root sucess?

Most of my friends and blog followers ask me repeatedly the same question related to Android root. The questions mostly raised on and after rooting a device. -I rooted my device. How to know if it went well? -I rooted my device but don’t see anything new. -Will an app comes into my app drawer?

How to solve Wi-Fi disconnection problem on windows 8 OS?

Again it’s on my Windows 8 laptop which went wrong and this time it’s related to a wifi connection. I had no issue with WI-fi while I was on Windows 7 but after updating my laptop  it  started pricking me off with an error related to the disconnection of WI-Fi. My first instinct stated it was an

My speakers are not working on windows 8. What to do?

Suddenly last  night my laptop stopped shouting back when I plugged in a song. I dint really felt like sorting out what really went wrong. But now I got  my speakers working good as usual. I have an old laptop in the name DEll d620 which belongs to ancient times. Lol! Am just joking. It may be an old

Top 5 Smart Phones of 2013

Smartphones are turning out to be a common device in everyone’s day to day life. But the thing is Smartphones are getting updated in no time. Devices nowadays are turning out to be innovative when it comes to design, processors, RAM and operating systems. Coming to the point we have listed out top five Smartphones in today’s market

How to zoom a Facebook photo?

Got blocked by other members? Feel like peeping into someone’s profile and wanna check out their display pictures. No more worries. Here is an awesome add-on which will help you zoom an image in Facebook….. How it works? There is no big mechanism how it works.  It’s just simple and easy to understand.  Open the link

How to remove the background from an image?

Clumsy images, blur backgrounds? Need to clear the background from an image? Bad at photoshop? Lol -Then here comes an easy procedure where you can remove the background quite easily.  -Trust me either you can granny modify the images with an ease. -Most important everything is for free. Requirements: Internet Images which you feel like modifying. medianet_width=’300′;