Mobile application of the Month:Transformers Prime-Story Cube

Hi folks! Starting from this month we gonna review some cool stuff related to applications and games which are available for the Smartphone users across the globe [Ios, Android,]
Making things easy for the people we will choose few apps which are interactive by nature.

Application of the month our review team decided : Transformers Prime-Story Cube.


How the game has evolved and from where was the concept grabbed ?

  • Transformers Prime-Story cube is an application which has been developed by Egmont Kids Media Digital A/S.
  •  This application has come out of  a serial called ‘Transformers prime’ which was launched in the UK. 
  • This app  has been released both in android and iOs operating system where users can download it for free which is really a catchy point.

Popular characters:

Autobots [Heroes]

  1. Optimus PrimeJetfire
  2. Landmine
  3. Mudflap

Deceptions [Evil Minded]

  1. Megatron/Galvatron
  2. Thundercracker
  3. Starscream

Storyline: It’s a Robotic machine based story popularly known as a Transformers Prime. The story is related to the Autobots and Decepticons who are from the planet Cybertron. The Autobots are good whereas deceptions vice-verse. Long ago Deceptions attacked the human world where Autobots came into force to rescue mankind. Three years have passed since MEGATRON and his Deceptions were last seen on Earth but OPTIMUS PRIME and six AUTOBOTS  remain on the peaceful planet Earth to protect the humankind from future attack. OPTIMUS has a grave suspicion that MEGATRON is about to return, more deadly and
Powerful than ever beforeā€¦ Will the AUTOBOTS defend Earth? Let’s check it out…….

How it goes:

  • This application will be  loved by children and the creed of people who have gone through the series called transformers.
  •  It goes like a moving storyboard where one got to read the episodes which are included in the app. 
  • By reading and going through the different stories we can unlock the characters, locations and artefacts.
  • Unlocking the characters, locations bring a whole lot of freshness into the app which creates zeal in our nerves to go further deep into the story.
Encyclopedia transformers


  1. As most of the people love Transformers editions one will really get excited about this application.
  2. Most children who are in their teenage will really go crazy about the application as it tends to create a hero in their fictional world.
  3. Overall the app is just similar to an E-book which is quite brilliant and  well crafted.
  4. Nothing but an Encyclopedia of transformers.

Download app for free:

 This app uses In-App purchases, where you can unlock a few characters, place etc.

Rating :8.5/10

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