How to retract a bid on ebay?

Normally I don’t write posts related to online shopping which is out of my proposition but I received a few mails related to the eBay bid procedure .In this eBay online shop, most of the things are made available such as gadgets, fashion, clothing etc.

Well shooting into the point you can make your purchases out  of a Bid/Direct deals. When it comes to a bid, the person who bids for highest amount will be the winner. If you’re an eBay bidder and went into a bid inattentively, then this post is for you.

ebay retract bid

Most of the time we bid for the products without reading the current condition. [i.e ware&tare] After going for a bid we come back and read the whole bunch of process listed in a corner. So finally we end up in vain knowing the fact that the product is defective by nature.

Why do one retract from a bid?

-Better choice
-Amount value ignorance
-Getting into the details of the product lately
-Out of cash 
-Product isn’t in good condition as desired for.

Well the reasons may be many but the solution is one :)


  1. Sign into eBay account
  2. Go to this link
  3. Enter the item number of the particular thing which you want to retract.
  4. Choose the reason behind the cancellation of the bid.

That’s it ! Click on retract bid. The binding gets cancelled :)

Note: Retraction of the bid on eBay cannot be done if  the auction ends in 12hours.In this case, contact the seller directly. If, auction ending time is more than 12hours there won’t be a problem to cancel the bid on eBay :)

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