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How to use WI-Fi direct on your Smartphones?

WI-Fi direct  is a technology where it connects the device to another without using a wireless access point as a center. Well this one works on the device which has WI-Fi Direct technology enabled in it. Through this technology you can sync your data with all your devices which supports WI-Fi Direct. This technology is

iOS 7 fix : iOS 7 software update unavailable?

Well friends, if your device is compatible for an official update and your failing hard to get an update? Then this post is exclusively made for you. First of all it’s not a problem from the Apple software center. Update is sometimes unavailable due to the proxies, older version of iTunes and many more. Few  factors

iOS 7 fix :Device stuck on Apple Logo ?

The launch of  iOS 7 has finally taken place where it’s flooded up with a lot of problems. Updating the device has been a problem with almost every version via iTunes which is fairly common since ages. The most popular issues consumers tend to face are? USB isn’t getting detected, update getting  failed during the process,

How to get rid of ”Last seen” time stamp on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is an awesome mobile messenger which usually permits you to connect with your buddies without any cost. The vast majority of capabilities consist of files transferring, messaging and so on. Whatsapp is an exclusive spot where by most of  the people chill out their brain while travelling and at leisure. Utilizing Whatsapp includes an important disadvantage

How to capture a screenshot on PC/laptops?

Undergoing important things, which you intend to capture onto your desktop? Don’t know how to do it on your laptop or computer? Well, it’s quite easy to print the screen. There are undoubtedly a few softwares which can make the things get completed. If you think, why use a software? Then let’s get it done within

Solution :My laptop screen is blank. What to do?

Hanging around with old laptops? The screen does not turn on ? And only blank screen appears on the Display? Well, Before you go into an assistance center proceed through these valuable processes that might  save your pockets from getting loot. It’s never harmful if you try few easy tutorials which bring colors not only on

How to convert : iPhone into a web camera?

Apple doesn’t allow users to convert their iPhone into webcamera. This doesn’t mean things are  completely dead. Thanks to the  app developers who have opened the gates to turn iPhone into a web camera. Sssh! You don’t need to buy any application nor any hardware equipment 😛 Why to convert an iPhone into a webcam? By turning your