How to capture a screenshot on PC/laptops?

Undergoing important things, which you intend to capture onto your desktop? Don’t know how to do it on your laptop or computer? Well, it’s quite easy to print the screen. There are undoubtedly a few softwares which can make the things get completed. If you think, why use a software? Then let’s get it done within our operating system resource. Cool isn’t it?

Well, the methodology is simple and clean. Please follow the instructions carefully. 

capture screenshot on mac osX

1. On Windows 7 and Windows 8 

  • Go to Programs list.
  • Navigate till you find out Snipping tool. [It comes within the package]
  • Use snipping tool to capture the screen.
  • You can print the whole screen or a selected frame within your dimension.
  • After grabbing the screenshot , make sure to save the image file.

2. On windows xp [Using a small software]

The traditional alt+print screen doesn’t work most of the time. So, why not try a small software  which can be  useful?


  • Download screen capturer here.
  • Make sure to install the file.
  • Go to start menu, open the screen capture software.
  • Select the screen size, output file and start saving the screen shots onto your desktop.
3. On MAC OS X 
It’s quite easy to capture a screen shot on MAC operating system :)
  • Command-Shift-3: This lets you capture the screenshot of the entire screen with ease.
  • Command-Shift-4 : This lets you capture a particular region. Upon selecting the region, the screenshot gets saved onto your desktop.
  1. Screenshots, mostly get saved in PNG format. If you want them in JPEG format, try to use convertors. [Traditional method]
  2. Screencapturer software is free to use. Nothing to pay.
  3.  Depending upon your interest, you can save the output file as PNG, JPEG,BMP and etc. 
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