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How to Charge Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Wireless?

  Learn Why and how to Charge Samsung galaxy s6/s6 edge wireless? Charging port and cable pin problem, thus the device keeps connecting and disconnecting while kept powered. It’s really irritating when the wires get crossed with over each other. Normal cable length won’t be long and as always cables are provided with a length

How to find an APPLE STORE in your area?

Apple store? What’s that ? It’s a place where you can find official Apple products starting from Macbooks,iPhones,iPads,iPods,iWatches and other accessories. These stores are officially authorized by Apple. To take a note , Apple stores are very low in number when compared to other tech companies which have stores all over the town. Apple stores

How to Turn off Find My iPhone?app

  What is “Find My iPhone”app It is a built-in application which is one among the pre-installed software. This application is developed to track the device if it gets stolen or is lost somewhere. Find my iPhone app keeps an eye using the GPS tracking technology which acts as a powerful security system. This application

How to use unauthorized lightning cables ?

This post is just an extension to my last post on how to fix the error ‘accessory isn’t supported’ on iPhone. I got a few messages from most of the readers asking on how to use local charging cables which are sold at mobile shops or online sites. Yes, these local cables aren’t certified from

How to fix Bluetooth bug on iOS 8.3/ iphone 6?

Updated your device onto iOS 8.3 and are you facing any Bluetooth connectivity problem? Yes, either I have come across same problem while I tried connecting my device with other iPhone. Initially I thought the issue was with my device hardware. “I searched among the rocks, but there was nothing” which could fix my problem.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Home button?

Heard from a few guys that there is a glitch with Samsung galaxy s5 home button which is unresponsive at times. I actually need to mention it isn’t just a problem with  S5 but with almost all the galaxy variants which got launched last year. I can’t really judge the problem by writing out a