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How to connect Android phone to a projector?

Smart Phones are Striking gadgets and are all in one product Smart phones have made people smart in this smart world by added features. Cell phones are not just to talk but are used as a multipurpose gadget. Smart phones have changed the way people live and do their work. Enormous changes are happening in

How to get a refund from Google Playstore purchases?

You landed here just because you bought a paid application from play-store which isn’t up to the mark as you expected or isn’t worth the money you paid for.Am I right?Yes,Of course that the reason you are checking out the post which I made solely  for you. Is there a way to get a refund

How to fix different iTunes Errors?

Am certain you must have encountered some disturbing errors when using iTunes on your devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows and Mac computers. These could occur anytime and they could be pretty annoying. However, some of these errors will be discussed and how you can fix them yourself. Many of these errors

How to fix “unable to determine your location” error on iPhone?

What is GPS? And how does it help a Traveler? Global positioning system turned out to be one among the most important technologies which helps during navigation.Location is mapped out using satellite system which gives an accurate position of the person using the maps thus help in giving right directions.Since from the introduction of the GPS