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How to fix iPhone 6s crashes while rebooting?

After recent updates,iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 are responding slow while trying to input text and on giving a command to start an application.iOs 9 had improved the over all performance of an iPhone but battery juice doesn’t last long and iPhone keeps crashing while rebooting.Most of iPhone 6s devices are crashing at a similar

Can an iPhone error 53 be fixed?

We don’t know how to begin and jot down the article as we were never in a situation that closed the doors forever to fix a problem.Apple has official techniques to fix common errors in an easy way but it never came out loudly answering about fixing an iPhone error 53.Chronicles of Error 53 started

How to Fix Different Google Play Store Errors?

Google play store is an amazing store where you can get some of the best apps n your android devices. But, sometimes we do encounter some annoying errors which tend to cause some discomfort while using the Google play store. However, discussed here are some errors and how you can fix these errors that emanate

How to fix SIRI voice in navigating maps?

Navigation via voice guidance is really helpful while driving along new workplaces and travel destinations.Navigation on iPhone helps to map the places and distance giving guidance about traffic,time and etc.Every driver love to use a SIRI voice guidance about  route map rather than looking all the time at the navigation screen which can be a

How to unfreeze an iPhone 6s?

No matter how big a smartphone comes in terms of RAM and processor it,will eventually  freeze if, a lot of applications run in the background and it applies same to an iPhone. Last night while I was playing FIFA 2016 online and a chunk of apps in the background running made my iPhone freeze like