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Latest Pokemon Go Apk update

Pokemon Go from Ninatic, has released a latest update for Android users across the globe. Coming to iOs users it will take a few days to get an official call from developers which is still undergoing through a beta stage. Still the sad news persists among Asian users where the game is yet to be

Fix: Can’t press install button while installing apps in android 6.0?

MY SITUATION: Recently, I flashed a new custom ROM CM 13 nightlies based on android marshmallow 6.0 on my nexus 5 which worked flawlessly until I discovered an error where the device stopped installing a new application via official apk installer. Initially I thought the application package which I had downloaded earlier was a corrupted

Can an iPhone error 53 be fixed?

We don’t know how to begin and jot down the article as we were never in a situation that closed the doors forever to fix a problem.Apple has official techniques to fix common errors in an easy way but it never came out loudly answering about fixing an iPhone error 53.Chronicles of Error 53 started

How to Fix Different Google Play Store Errors?

Google play store is an amazing store where you can get some of the best apps n your android devices. But, sometimes we do encounter some annoying errors which tend to cause some discomfort while using the Google play store. However, discussed here are some errors and how you can fix these errors that emanate

How to Force OTA updates on Google Nexus 5?

This post is an answer to one of the queries which were mailed to us by a reader regarding OTA update issue on Google nexus 5.So to,clear all the doubts and to update a device onto the latest version available over the air is just a click away. How to force OTA updates on Android

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy note 5?

Galaxy family piles up with a new note 5 device which has just got everything that a phablet lover is looking for.Oh’ Boy! It has got speed,big battery,large screen what not,everything is just rightly placed to build a huge pile of features altogether. Most of the business tasks related to worksheets,excel formatting and graphical layouts can

How to fix ‘Please restart camera’ issue on MOTO G?

Motorola Moto G mobile comes with various reliable options to provide good user interface and support. Most of the salient features include responsive touch screen, long lasting battery, enlarged screen size  and good camera. The camera supports both front and rear end options with high resolution pixels. Moto G camera is often preferred by customers due