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How to fix a broken iPhone Home button?

It is a very common problem that most of the Apple users face these days with the home button which does not work properly after a few years of usage. Due to the excess use of the home button, it becomes out of order once forever. In this case, there is an alternative that you

Best music downloader app on iPhone?

With the iPhone, people love to listen to the music because the sound quality on Apple iPhone is exceptional. Therefore, everyone loves to listen to music on the iPhone. If you want to download the music, then you have to use the iTunes, where you can find free and paid songs but want to download

How to download facebook videos on iPhone?

There are billions of iPhone users throughout the world who are using different iPhone variants. However, most people face the problem of downloading the videos from the YouTube or Facebook. The Facebook has been one of the biggest social media websites, and everyone uses this application all the day long. Some of the videos on

“FREE” iPhone video downloader apps

Apple is one of the selling gadget brands around the world and a number of people are using this exceptional quality product. The best thing about the Apple is that they provide a complete security to your data. No one can access your data if the phone is locked. So that is the key reason

Ways to Fix iPhone 6/6S Unresponsive Touch issue?

Hell yeah! I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3, and is quite smooth now and feels light like a feather, but suddenly my device stopped responding. Well, I tried all those old school’s tutorials to fix the issue, but nothing went well. What is unresponsiveness screen in iPhone 6? Keyboard doesn’t respond while trying

How to fix activation error on ios 9.3?

Updating iOs device onto iOS 9.3 is turning out to be a hard time as most of the Apple users are countering an issue with activation being failed repeatedly. Activation error is mostly seen in the devices which are earlier to iPhone 5s release.While updating the device onto iOS 9.3 it requires iCloud login credentials.

Easily fix Error 53 issue on iOs

What is Error 53? A very little known information from Apple lets us make understand that it is something related to data security of a user. Understanding error 53 in an iPhone isn’t easy either to the apple certified technicians as there isn’t much information which is made available but to conclude in a line