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How to get 3D TOUCH on iPhone 5s?

3D touch is one among the biggest features Apple 6s got launched with.The iPhone 6s has a new advanced screen technology which brings 3D Touch.To make you clear its a hardware feature which was built by Apple so, don’t compare it with pressure touch or long press short cut key as it is more than

Upgrade to Marshmallow on Nexus 4

Android 6.0 on Google nexus 4 Now almost everyone question us whether is it true that Google Nexus 4 can be upgraded to Android 6 or not? Our answer is a BIG yes with a small NO.Sounds confusing’right?You will  get a clarity after reading out the details. Officially there is no update from Google Android team

How to mute Samsung Galaxy s6 shutter sound?

Why you need to mute Samsung s6 while taking a snap? Let us assume, you are in conference or in a meeting hall and need to take a snap on Samsung S6 device but don’t want to disturb the people surrounding you.So,the best thing you need to learn is to turn off shutter sound silent

How to Undo in the Notes Application on iPad and iPhone?

This post really sounds to be funny and is a hidden trick which I gonna reveal it.So,I assume you are here cause you don’t know how to undo the deleted text from application called notes on iPhone and iPad.To be frank I found this trick today after deleting the text from notes by mistake.I was

How to find WiFi passwords which are saved on Smartphones?

Today’s article mainly focuses on how to find wifi passwords which are saved on android.Why do you need a wifi password?Yes,actually you don’t need a password if you own the wifi router but if,you aren’t or the password is entered by someone like your brother and want to maintain secrecy then there is a way

How to get cellular data shortcut in control center on iOs?

Yeah folks!Today I want to share a tweak which is really handy if,you are an iOs user just like me.To be simple it’s a tweak on iOs but it isn’t really a big deal on Android as,this feature comes in built with operating system but on iOs the control center can’t be customized unless, the

How to find popular online coupons in India?

ALERT!Warning Hi, Folks before reading the post make sure you shop online,lol! I’m just kidding,if you din’t shop online till date this post will make sure you grab your stuff online from today cause I will help you explore the right deals and discount coupons which can benefit your pockets  by saving a lot of