How to fix a broken iPhone Home button?

It is a very common problem that most of the Apple users face these days with the home button which does not work properly after a few years of usage. Due to the excess use of the home button, it becomes out of order once forever. In this case, there is an alternative that you can try. You can use the home button on-screen option which is an alternative to the physical home button. Here is the below setting that you need to alter on your phone for using the virtual home button.Assistive touch for-iphone-Broken -home -button

Alternative to a broken iPhone home button:

  1. Open settings, then go to the general options and find the Accessibility option there
  2. Now scroll down and select labeled Interaction and tap on Assistive touch option.
  3. On the screen toggle, assistive touch would be great. Now you can find one small circle with black and gray color. It looks like same your home button.
  4. Now you can use it for taking the screen to home. Now you do not need to press the home button.
  5. If you want to fix a broken iPhone home button, then it would be better, if you take it to the nearest Apple service center and get it fixed.
  6. If you try to do it yourself then, the things may not work. Therefore, you should not take a risk to set the broken button.
  7. In most of the cases, the button does not break; it just becomes loose and unresponsive.
  8. In this case, you have to take a sticky gum and apply on the button back and put it on the place and press it so that it fit perfectly.
  9. Before doing anything by yourself on the phone, you should check the warranty of the phone.
  10. If your iPhone is under warranty, then you should simply take it to the service center along with phone box and then ask the service center representative to repair it.
  11. Do not try to open the phone by yourself because if you unscrew the panel; the service center agent will not allow you to claim the warranty.

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