How to download facebook videos on iPhone?

There are billions of iPhone users throughout the world who are using different iPhone variants. However, most people face the problem of downloading the videos from the YouTube or Facebook. The Facebook has been one of the biggest social media websites, and everyone uses this application all the day long.

Some of the videos on the Facebook remain very exceptional that people want to save on the iPhone to share with their friends on other applications like WhatsApp and line. It is not easy to download the Facebook videos on iPhone.

You have to follow some steps to download the videos from the Facebook. Here are the below few steps that you can go through to learn about it.


1. In the very first step, you have to download the application, namely “MyMedia.” It is the application through which you can download any video from any of the websites.
2. In the second step, now you have to copy the link of the Facebook video that appears in each of the videos when you select the “Options” of the video.
3. Now you have to copy the link and open “MyMedia” application instantly. When you open the “MyMedia” application, you will find the link there, when you open this link; here you find the option to paste the copied link.
4. When you paste the link there, you will see the option to rename the video for saving it into your smartphone. Now give the name to the video and click on the download file option and get this video on your iPhone right away.
5. Further, you have to select the designation of saving the video that in which folder you want to save the video.
6. Now your video is ready and completed downloaded on your iPhone. Simply open it and start watching.

Above these are the easy steps for downloading any video from any of the websites. You just need a proper link of the video, and you would be able to download it into your Smartphone. The Apple does not allow any user to download the video directly from any channel except their own iTunes. Therefore, you have to use the alternatives for downloading the videos on your device.

Note: The download speed of the video depends on your internet connection.

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