How to recall an email in outlook 2013?

Ever tried all the tricks on Outlook? We are sure you’re the one who works at an office and are here to know the most important mail functioning of outlook. Wonder, if you sent an email which is to a wrong distribution list in your office or the email contains an explicit content then here is a simple yet powerful way to call back the sent email. Had you gone through this anytime earlier but couldn’t fix it? Then nothing to worry from now as we got a quick trick to recall your outlook email. So please relax yourself up and read down the steps that can call your email back.


outlook mail call back

recall mails

Useful to people who need to recall an email back:
On high partners who sent a piece of shit to their loved ones.
Angry employee to his/her boss.
One who want to change his email that’s sent if the content is wrong totally.

From Outlook mailbox, go to sent items from left side folder tray.
Open the email which is to be called back from the sent items. On the top, you find an options tray in which you need to select the Actions.
By clicking on the actions tab, there will be a drop down that has an option to recall the message.
Simple click on the recall option. By doing so, the email gets deleted in the receiver’s inbox. While doing this step, you can choose between two options whether to delete unread copies of the message or to delete the unread copies and replace with a new message. In, this step make sure to tick mark to known the recall status [whether successful/ failure]. As per our suggestion if, the distribution list is a huge base try not to mark the status of mail call back as it will fill your inbox with nonstop notifications.
That’s everything you need to do. After recalling your email make sure to send the email that’s required at your end. Stay tuned for important tricks on outlook.

As a note if, the user hasn’t opened the mail which was sent by you earlier then it get deleted from his mail box by doing the steps that are mentioned above. In case if the user has already seen the message then you will get a notification saying Message recall failure from the user ID and vice-versa.

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