How to solve Wi-Fi disconnection problem on windows 8 OS?

Again it’s on my Windows 8 laptop which went wrong and this time it’s related to a wifi connection. I had no issue with WI-fi while I was on Windows 7 but after updating my laptop  it  started pricking me off with an error related to the disconnection of WI-Fi.

My first instinct stated it was an error related to  WI-Fi router but after checking out my WI-Fi router settings I didn’t really find any problem with it.So I ended up knowing it was something fishy with my Operating system 🙂

Kool! Now I have sorted the mistake and rectified everything. If you’re having a problem which is like the one above mentioned then follow the instructions.



  Click on image to zoom in 🙂

  1. From control panel get into power options [Select Advance option and choose to extend wireless adapter settings i.e Maximum Performance]
  2. Get into network options and configure Power Management Tab.
  3. Deselect the power saving mode and make sure to save the changes.
wifi settings

That’s it ! It will surely get rid of your problems.

Comment below! If you come across any problem:)

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