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Apple is one of the selling gadget brands around the world and a number of people are using this exceptional quality product. The best thing about the Apple is that they provide a complete security to your data. No one can access your data if the phone is locked. So that is the key reason why most of the people use the device for securing the data.Quite a lot of people find the difficulty to download the videos from different websites because Apple does not allow downloading videos by a one click option. So one has to download an additional application through which videos can be downloaded.

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Top 5 applications to download videos in iPhone

Here is the best example for downloading the videos in iPhone via “MyMedia” application. Through this app, you can easily download the videos to your phone. Just you need to install the application on your phone and copy the link of the video URL. The application will extract the file with ease by listing out desired output video formats.

McTube is one of the website video Downloader apps for the Apple users. You can easily find this application in the app store and then simply install it. When you download the videos from the YouTube, it will give the option to select the quality of the videos and pixels option. If you choose the low quality, then it will not use vast space in your phone.

MyVid Video Downloader
Most of the people love to watch the videos after downloading. Therefore, it is the best application for you. Through the MyVid video Downloader, you can download multiple videos at a time quickly, and it will not reduce the video quality. It produces high-quality videos in the phone.

Video Downloader Pro
Video Downloader Pro is a complete package through which you can use all the features that you required in any downloaded app. You can pause the downloads when you are not able to connect to internet. It will not reduce the picture quality. It keeps the ability to download multiple videos at a time. It does not diminish the web resource and download videos in a very short period. It is a complete package for downloading quality videos on your iPhone.

iBot Downloader
iBot Downloader is one of the best application that you can use for downloading the videos from any of the social media website or any of the site. You can simply paste the link to the videos and after queuing the reuqired list you get video options to download the file.


Hope the above mentioned applications from Appstore can help you download the required videos in iPhone.


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