No more hacking after PokeMon Go Update

Since the beginning of Pokemon GO, there’ve been crackers making cheats to spoof for extra points. Presently, with the arrival of the following Pokemon GO revamped, Niantic has at long last made sense of how to block the spoofers and unethical programmers. Presently they’ve made sense of what works and what not, and they’re revealing

Ways to Fix iPhone 6/6S Unresponsive Touch issue?

Hell yeah! I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3, and is quite smooth now and feels light like a feather, but suddenly my device stopped responding. Well, I tried all those old school’s tutorials to fix the issue, but nothing went well. What is unresponsiveness screen in iPhone 6? Keyboard doesn’t respond while trying

How to fix activation error on ios 9.3?

Updating iOs device onto iOS 9.3 is turning out to be a hard time as most of the Apple users are countering an issue with activation being failed repeatedly. Activation error is mostly seen in the devices which are earlier to iPhone 5s release.While updating the device onto iOS 9.3 it requires iCloud login credentials.

Easily fix Error 53 issue on iOs

What is Error 53? A very little known information from Apple lets us make understand that it is something related to data security of a user. Understanding error 53 in an iPhone isn’t easy either to the apple certified technicians as there isn’t much information which is made available but to conclude in a line

Fix: Can’t press install button while installing apps in android 6.0?

MY SITUATION: Recently, I flashed a new custom ROM CM 13 nightlies based on android marshmallow 6.0 on my nexus 5 which worked flawlessly until I discovered an error where the device stopped installing a new application via official apk installer. Initially I thought the application package which I had downloaded earlier was a corrupted

How To fix forgotten passcode On an iPhone 6s?

Almost every smartphone comes with a lock pattern to just make sure everything is protected safely and is secured properly.Bypassing a passcode in an iPhone is not that easy as it comes protected strongly from Apple developers. Trying out too many passcode trails will make the access to the device turn disabled.If,you forgot iPhone or

How to fix iPhone 6s crashes while rebooting?

After recent updates,iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 are responding slow while trying to input text and on giving a command to start an application.iOs 9 had improved the over all performance of an iPhone but battery juice doesn’t last long and iPhone keeps crashing while rebooting.Most of iPhone 6s devices are crashing at a similar