No more hacking after PokeMon Go Update

Since the beginning of Pokemon GO, there’ve been crackers making cheats to spoof for extra points. Presently, with the arrival of the following Pokemon GO revamped, Niantic has at long last made sense of how to block the spoofers and unethical programmers. Presently they’ve made sense of what works and what not, and they’re revealing it in the next update.


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Updates on Pokemon Go

  • This isn’t the kind of amusement where somebody wins, and after that it’s finished. Rather, this game attracts hackers due to its compelling notoriety and popularity. Since there is a time when a player can influence the session of another player, hackers come a-calling.
  • Niantic’s most recent move is to work with the same framework that few NFC remote installment frameworks do on Android powered devices. It’s called Safety Net, and it verifies that the client’s cell phone isn’t rooted or installed with custom made ROM’s.
  • An unknown message from a source acquainted with the matter proposed that “encryption from previous versions are totally different from 0.39. Programming interface utilizes encryption from the lower variants while more up to date forms depend on new, unbroken encryption.”
  • “Starting now, any user record for any version usage below 0.39 will see the “UPDATE” catch in-game. Any user playing with a programmed framework will be blocked if, not updated to latest version.
  • Designers inspired by  backwards-engineering the game are still doing so , however doubtlessly Niantic has become on top of things.While there are still going to be some users out there so hell-bent on cheating that they’ll be out and about in Pokemon Go forever, those that play genuine as indicated by Niantic’s Terms of Use can celebrate. We’ve entered the period of authenticity, finally.

No, matter how the Pokemon Go gets updated there will be always a hacker coming out with his own tweaks 🙂

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