Ways to Fix iPhone 6/6S Unresponsive Touch issue?

Hell yeah! I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3, and is quite smooth now and feels light like a feather, but suddenly my device stopped responding. Well, I tried all those old school’s tutorials to fix the issue, but nothing went well.

What is unresponsiveness screen in iPhone 6?

  1. Keyboard doesn’t respond while trying to input the data.
  2. Screen crashes and remains unresponsive like a moron child ignoring mother’s word 🙂
  3. Touch screen responds after a lag.
  4. Trying to tap an application on the first row and the app in the second row opens up instead.
  5. Horizontal grey lines all over the screen.


I, personally went through a few iOs related forums where it was written all over the place that an iPhone got frozen or unresponsive when it turns up heat when played heavy games and running a lot of applications in the background, but this answers couldn’t resolve my issue on iPhone 6, being unresponsive. All I, went to do is further research on how to fix the issue as I knew the device never had a hardware issue to get my screen replaced spending cash on it so; I confronted myself that it is just a software bug. Finally after stacking out all the information, I came to a conclusion that unresponsive touch screen is not a big problem. This has solution, which can be fixed at your house without any hassle. Get through these solutions which are listed below.

Easy way to solve iPhone 6/ iPhone 6S plus Unresponsive Touch screen?

Mark my word this doesn’t need any technical skills either a kid in your house can fix the issue with ease.


1. Turn off your iPhone 6/6S plus for about a minute. (Now you may think why this has been told all the time, answer to it is a way simple because turning off a device will stop the power circuit jams and interruptions.) Later turn on the device and hold Wake-up/Power Button and Home Button simultaneously to restart iPhone 6 or 6 plus. Lay back for about a minute by allowing the device to boot up normally and now please try to check whether touch is fixed of not? If, iPhone 6 is still unresponsive and remains unchanged with the bug around, then try out the next trick.


  1. Factory reset iPhone 6/6S plus,by doing this the entire device settings will be changed to default.


3. If your unresponsive touch screen issue still persists, then this is the last resort, and it will surely solve the issue. Before you try to restore the device make sure to take a backup of your data, which is very important.

  • Foremost thing to be done is turn off “Find My Phone” service on your device.
  •  Using a cable try to connect your iPhone to a computer.
  • From the application tray in the program list, run “iTunes” application and select your device, which gets automatically detected.
  •  Click on “Restore iPhone.” [If, any new update is available try to update the device]


  • Note: The process takes about 45-60 minutes on an average depending on your network speed.

    If, nothing could solve the issue, please try to contact the nearest apple service centre.


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